There are so many terms and caveats when it comes to gold jewelry – it can get a little confusing. We’ve put together the fast facts for you to understand exactly what you’re purchasing and what to expect.

These Karats are not for Rabbits

When purchasing solid gold jewelry, the word karat feature heavily in the description, but what exactly is it? Very simply, it is the unit of measurement for the purity of gold, divided into 24 parts. A karat refers to one part of the whole, so 24K gold (which is pure gold) would mean that 24 out of the 24 parts is gold. 14K would mean 14 out of the 24 parts is gold and so on.

So why do you never see 24K jewelry?

Pure Gold (24K) is a naturally occurring element that is characteristically way too soft for jewelry purposes. To combat this it is typically mixed with other metallic elements that help strengthen in to improve the durability. Metal x Wire typically uses 14K solid gold to craft our pieces, which means that 14 out of the 24 parts is pure gold. Global standards state that any gold that is over 10K is considered solid gold, which is prized for its ability to stand the test of time.

Now that we understand pure vs. solid gold better, let's touch on 14K Gold Filled.

Gold filled jewelry is a more accessible option for those who want to achieve the gold aesthetic without breaking the bank. Gold Filled pieces are made up of a base metal to which several layers of solid gold have been pressured bonded with extreme heat. According to the USA industry standard, all our gold filled pieces are 5% pure gold by weight. It is real solid gold being layered onto the base, but at a lower percentage by weight. They are hardy, can be worn daily and can last many years as long as they are treated with care and stored properly