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Behind the Brand

Metal x Wire (pronounced "Metal Wire") is a luxury jewelry brand dedicated to the celebration of self. Helmed by a self-taught mixed media artist with a BSc. in Architectural Engineering, Symoné Currie’s designs push the envelope of contemporary accessories through a delicate balance of elegance and edge. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica but having trotted the globe, Symoné intertwines her tropical and worldly inspirations to produce technical and highly distinctive silhouettes. These are then paired with precious metals and gemstones – each piece intentionally created to amplify individual self-expression while providing maximum style mileage.

Symoné’s honed relationship between sentimentality and statement oozes through every link, every clasp and every pendant of Metal x Wire. Each piece is meant to amplify the wearer’s own true style, by offering the perfect addition of understated individuality that stands the test of time. Designed with a minimalistic edge, Metal x Wire’s interchangeable and interlocking pieces each carry its own stylistic zeal, and is offered in the material that both complements the piece and its owner.


Symoné Currie

CEO/Founder/ Designer